Joseph Pitruzzelli & Tyler Wilson - The Republican Anti-Artists of the LA Arts District
Violating Artist's Rights Since 2009 With No Apologies To Date
"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."


(Joseph Pitruzzelli, the anti-artist of the LA Arts District has finally been replaced!
 But feel free to sign anyway!)


Why was created...

I was the artist next door when Wurstkuche invaded the LA Arts District in 2009 and began illegally using the Artist in Residence directly next to my studio as a commercial warehouse for the restaurant next door, disrupting my life and all the artist around them.  As their neighbor, what else can I say that this domain name doesn't?  So I registered it in response to the frivolous $100,000.00 wienerless law suit filed against me for my personal blogs about what the self serving corporate douche bag republican owners of Wurstkuche, Wilson, Pitruzzelli Investments, AKA Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson put me through after they arrived as my self centered consciousless republican neighbors.  This sign "Wurstkuche Sucks, No respect for their artist neighbors" was in my studio window directly next to Wurstkuche in the LA Arts District for the last 6 months I was there and the saying still rings true today.  But that sign only went up after a year and a half of trying to be nice to these sleazy republican assholes while trying to get them to respect the actual residential aspect of the Artist in Residence they are still illegally using as their noisy 24 hour commercial warehouse for their restaurant next door.  But they wouldn't stop and they didn't care if it was illegal, or how much they disrupted the artist around them, even after being cited by the city of Los Angeles for that illegal use which continues to this day.  It was convenient for them to have a warehouse next door, so fuck all the artists trying to actually live and work around them!  And that's exactly what they did and continue to do to this day!  Wurstkuche Sucks!

" is a statement, and actually comes from everyone that walked in my door, heard the story and saw the pictures of what I was going through after the 24 hour nightmare, Wurstkuche Restaurant, moved in and started illegally using the long time residential AIR loft directly next to me as a noisy 24 hour commercial warehouse for Wurstkuche restaurant next door.  Everyone said:  "Wow!  That sucks!  This is a great studio!"  And you know what?  They were right.  IT DID SUCK!  And it 'was' a great studio before they arrived.  That was one of the most productive studio's I had until the sleazy republican owners of Wurstkuche, Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson arrived and killed any creative or livable atmosphere there was.  The same thing all the GOP republicans are doing to this country!  The owners of Wurstkuche are inconsiderate arrogant douche bags who brought a non stop noisy nightmare to the LA Arts District and didn't stop even after the city of Los Angeles cited them as well as my sleazy slumlord Paul Solomon for that illegal use which continues to this day!  Just going through the law suits I had to file, images and sound files is pissing me off again thinking about what these assholes have put me through already!

I moved out of the Arts District in February, 2011 as a direct result of Wurstkuche moving in and their illegally using the AIR unit directly next to me, a long time residential artist's loft, as an non stop noisy 24 hour commercial warehouse for there restaurant next door.  They disrupted my life, made my creative live work space in the heart of the LA Arts District un-creative and un-livable, put me in a battle with my self serving jackass landlord Paul Solomon, tried to villainize me with blatantly twisted mendacity's for standing up for my personal rights as they consciously and continuously tortured me as their neighbor, violating my rights on a 7 day a week, 24 hour basis with the illegal use of that AIR unit, a residential unit in what was an artist's loft directly next to me at 808 E. 3rd St. for decades before they arrived.  NO RESPECT FOR THEIR ARTIST NEIGHBORS!

And now they want to pretend that somehow they are the victim here because they don't like my blogs about what they put me through?  You harass me out of my arts district studio and you are the victims?  What sick, twisted, hypocritical, pathetic republican douche bags Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson are!  They are the wiener boys!  My personal anti-artist republican demons who have invaded the LA Arts District and my life with nothing but noise, smoke, congestion and blatant harassment.  I left the arts district after fighting Wurstkuche and my landlord Paul Solomon over the hell he illegally allowed Wurstkuche to put me through on a 24 hour basis.  But Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson apparently didn't want to let my two year old blogs about what I went through with them go, and now once again almost a year after moving out of the arts district, these pathetic sleazy self serving assholes have invaded my life again with a blatant harassment law suit as they actually have the nerve to try and sue me for nothing more then "harsh language" in my own personal blogs.  After what you two little yuppie bitches put me through??  You're the victim?  What a fucking joke!

What the wiener boys call defamation, I call documentation of my horrendous experiences with them as neighbors after they moved in!  Violating my personal rights to live in peace for two full years on a daily basis!  And as far as I'm concerned they are now blatantly trying to violate my first amendment rights as well!  What frivolous bullshit this law suit is after what these fucking pathetic assholes physically and mentally put me through as their neighbor!  As if they can actually deny it!  Okay assholes, as they used to say in school: "Now you've got a permanent record". &  And with them, yes, a lot more blogs!  Great move wiener boys!  What do you think you little yuppie bitches... My own personal Wurstkuche history site with all the evidence I collected of how you arrived in the Arts District on my studio's front porch and on my creative back!  YOU ARE HYPOCRITICAL SELF SERVING REPUBLICAN ASSHOLES! and have the facts, evidence as well as personal blogs documenting what you little arrogant pricks put me through after you arrived including the citings by the city of Los Angeles for your illegal use of an AIR as a 24 hour commercial warehouse.  Something that you pathetic sleazy little corporate republican scum bags want to now try to bury and deny with this law suit.  Well fuck you!  I'm not going to let that happen because you and I both know that everything I've said in my blogs about you sausage douche bags is true and from my own unfortunate experiences with you.  And now you can try and deny the actual evidence I'm posting on, as well as  It will show exactly what you conscienceless pork encased little twits put me through as the artist next door after you invaded the Arts District, and it will now be on line at forever more because it's the truth!  Did you know you can register a domain for 100 years?  This one is still very much under construction.  But I've posted a few things to get it started with much more to come.
David Goldner

ps...Hey wiener boys..........  The truth of how your arrogant corporate asses treated me as your neighbor will prevail!


Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson, aka Wilson Pitruzzelli Investments LLC, aka
Wurstkuche Restaurant owners LOSE their phony defamation law suit against Los Angeles Artist
David Goldner.  You can't run from the truth assholes!
Petruzzelli, Wilson vs Goldner - COURT RULING CASE # BC467840 - 10/15/2012

Wurstkuche... Puking on their artist neighbors since 2009.
 And yes... this was another satisfied Wurstkuch customer pucking at my studio's doorway.
Just one of the many perks I had after Wurtstkuche moved in next to my studio in the LA Arts District.
The first few times they used my planters!
Starring Tyler (the liar) Wilson
as the no conscience little bitch King Joffery

"Game of Thrones"? NO! "GAME OF WIENERS" King Joffrey... 
clearing the kingdom of all the artists just before he kills his zombie 
bride, turns her into a wurstkuche special sausage and feeds her to
the yuppie hounds who wait in line for a mediocre nibble of over
cooked zombie sausage at double the price. Aaaahhh, what fun the
arts district has become with such wonderful new neighbors!


Joseph Pitruzzelli is no longer president of LARABA!
But I will keep this on line to remind him what an asshole he was to me as his neighbor.  But sign it anyway!

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Wurstkucke Sucks: No Respect For Their Artist Neighbors

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Wurstkuche Sucks - No respect for their artist neighbors


      *Someone who has surpassed the levels of jerk and asshole, however not yet reached fucker or motherfucker. Not to be confuzed with douche.
      *Multiple people who commit consistent douchebaggery ...

Definition of "wurstkuche"
Definition: wurstkuche

wurstkuche (worst’ kooch)

From the German; meaning an ordinary or plain "sausage kitchen".

American Slang: definition of wurstkuche; Adj.
1.) To be plain, bland, to be just mediocre, tasteless, dull, nothing special, inferior;
2.) To be very overrated, overblown, inflated in reputation, pompous, ostentatious, arrogant, snobby;

"What a wurstkuche restaurant that was."
"The reviews were all very wurstkuched."
"What a wurstkuche attitude they had!"

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